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A Look Back at NY Blockchain Week

Scaling blockchain technology itself remains a matter of intense debate and strong opinions. In the meantime, we’re proud to say the Bloq team handily scaled to meet the demands of NY Blockchain Week.

There, Bloq showcased the two complementary sides of its business — Enterprise solutions and BloqLabs innovations — at Consensus and Token Summit. Here’s the highlight-film version:

Supporting the New Enterprise Customer

Speaking on the Construct stage, our co-founder and CEO Jeff Garzik announced BloqCloud. BloqCloud is a platform that delivers blockchain-agnostic services to offload the tedious infrastructure considerations off of builders and businesses. We will have more detail on this over the summer.



Following Jeff: Ryan Condron, co-founder and CEO of BloqLabs project Titan. Titan is a plug-and-play mining optimization software suite and hashpower marketplace, aimed at making mining easier and more profitable. (Here’s an early video demo.)



What has become abundantly clear is that the blockchain era has created a new kind of “enterprise customer” — one that is eager to enjoy the service and reliability that conventional IT services provided with the speed, scale, and reliability that the blockchain era requires. The language of managed services and hardware management tools is a familiar one for the Fortune 50, and now the Crypto 50 has similar demands.

The BloqCloud public launch is targeted for late Q2 (with a waitlist currently in place for early access) and Titan is targeting beta in Q3.

The Business of Blockchain

Matthew Roszak, co-founder and chairman of Bloq, participated in two panels during Consensus. In the first — “Before the Pitch Deck” — he shared his opinions on how developer teams and startups can best build meaningful relationships with investors… and each other.



The second panel — on enterprise tokenization — Matthew predicted that the adoption curve would follow a trickle-to-waterfall arc. In other words, enterprises will ultimately use these new protocols for a variety of reasons, but they’ll crawl-then-walk before eventually breaking into a run.



These discussions demonstrated a shift in sentiment from previous Consensus conferences. “The tourists have gone home” (as our CCO, Phil Gomes, is fond of saying) and only the serious projects are left building the future — free from the distracting noise of imaginary Lamborghinis revving in the background. Matthew echoed these observations in his interview on NASDAQ TradeTalks following Consensus.



Binance Charity Event

Bloq gathered 150 founders and close friends at the Soho House on Tuesday for the Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) event. BCF co-founder Helen Hai delivered opening remarks, explaining their mission in rural Uganda.

Matthew surprised the crowd by matching all existing donations — USD$110,000 in cryptocurrency — bringing the final fundraising total to USD$220,000.



This event underscored Bloq’s commitment to philanthropy, in pursuit of a shared future where all charitable donations will be able to be tracked from donor to recipient, improving delivery, and accountability. Ultimately, this was not just another cocktail party, it was a group of builders coming together in the name of something greater.

A Tour of Metronome

Metronome’s principal engineer Manoj Patidar joined Jeff for our first guided showcase of Metronome’s code to a room of developers and enthusiasts during Consensus Construct. Attendees received paper wallets preloaded with ETH and MET, which allowed them to interact with the Metronome system’s various components.



The ways that contracts interact and operate, as Jeff mentioned, are actually “DeFi, even before ‘DeFi’ was a thing.” DeFi – or Decentralized Finance – describes financial systems and products that operate independently of third parties and provide unique value to their users. (Sound familiar?) As a fully autonomous, blockchain-enclosed, and decentralized financial tool, Metronome ticks all the boxes – and always has since it launched in June 2018.

Around the Corner: Vesper and Token Discovery

Following Consensus, Jeff presented Vesper at Token Summit. Vesper, an AI-driven resource discovery and allocation engine for tokenized assets, sparked the imagination of the crowd. Many of conversations following the presentation – in addition to conversations at the Vesper booth – focused on the search and discovery aspect of Vesper. This feedback also is telling for just how many tokens there are out there, and the difficulty associated with navigating, and evaluating them.

With a high quality of conversations this year versus the sheer insanity of the previous conference, the Bloq team is confident going into the second half of the year, and thrilled to see how our industry grows and accelerates.

Dariusz R Jakubowski is Bloq’s head of community

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