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April Metronome Update

In April, the Metronome team continued testing the cross-chain capability, engaging with the community, and preparing for the Consensus conference in NYC this May.

Main takeaway from the most recent community update:

  • Work on cross-chain capability and validators is still on track, with successful tests on the ETH, ETC, and QTUM testnets
  • Exploration of addition chains beyond Q2 is underway
  • Presence at Consensus 2019, with community head Dariusz R. Jakubowski staffing the booth in the Bloq private room (Clinton room, 2nd floor)
  • In-depth dive into Metronome’s code with its chief designer, Jeff Garzik, and principal engineer, Manoj Patidar at Consensus Construct.

See you at Consensus!

Dariusz R. Jakubowski is Bloq’s head of community


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