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Athena Trade – Metronome Discussion

Recently, I was invited to participate in a discussion hosted at Chicago’s Athena Trade, a blockchain-centric co-working space. I took the opportunity to discuss Metronome, one of the projects that BloqLabs helped build and launch.

Here are the three ideas that drove the conversation:

Auditing the innovation

While presenting how the Metronome contract set worked, audience members began asking questions about “upgrading” and testing. Indeed, you need to measure multiple times before cutting with autonomous systems. The Metronome team was proud to launch a working, autonomous systems – thanks in no small part to the attention to detail and auditing.

Uniqueness drives interest

Contract structure and the specific features of the Metronome contract set intrigued the audience. We had the chance to discuss how some of these features worked, with the caveat that I’m not an engineer.

Unsurprisingly, portability took the spotlight in this discussion. Interoperability is a somewhat difficult topic to wrap one’s head around, especially with the various approaches different projects employ in an attempt to solve it.

The group also discussed some of the unique payment specific features of Metronome — mass pay and subscriptions. The ability to send MET to multiple addresses with a single transaction is something new to Ethereum (and soon new to Ethereum Classic), with a subscription feature as something entirely new to crypto.

Discussing the tokenomics

One audience member was particularly interested in the fact that Metronome isn’t mined, but auctioned. Inevitably, this leads to wondering who gets the proceeds and how those are utilized. The autonomous contracts conduct each auction, store the proceeds, and drip them to the Autonomous Converter by themselves without the intervention of anyone. This provides a place to continuously discover and mirror market price, along with community support and a place for the community to buy or sell MET.

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Dariusz R. Jakubowski is Bloq’s head of community

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