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Bloq Delivers On-Demand Algorand Node Clusters, Additional Infrastructure Support


We’re proud to announce the early results of our grant-funded work with the Algorand Foundation. Awarded in April, this grant has enabled us to add an important, exciting protocol to our platform and thus continue building toward our multi-blockchain, multi-network vision.  

Algorand Node Clusters On-Demand

As some Bloq users may have noticed in their console, Algorand Relay and Participant nodes are available via the Bloq Nodes service alongside our other supported networks, ready to deploy on-demand. 

Supporting the Algorand Global Infrastructure

Addressing the “Blockchain Trilemma” — security, scalability, and decentralization — requires that the Algorand Foundation support infrastructure that serves a stable, distributed, thriving ecosystem. To that end, Bloq has started running relay node clusters on behalf of the Algorand Foundation itself, increasing the overall health and resiliency of the network. 

What’s Next: Managed Algorand APIs

In Q4-2020, Algorand will join Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other protocols supported by the Bloq Connect managed API service. This will be made available free-of-charge to all but the highest-traffic users. 

By supporting the Algorand protocol, Bloq continues to bring greater richness to its infrastructure offering and broadens the possibilities of what its users are able to build. The addition of Algorand to Bloq Nodes and, later, Bloq Connect further delivers on the company’s blockchain infrastructure mission. 

For more detail, visit our Algorand page, which includes recommended readings by the Algorand team. In the meantime, sign up for the Bloq platform today and review the technical documentation.

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