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Celebrating Metronome’s Milestone

Yesterday, the Metronome team demonstrated that two-way, cross-chain imports/exports of Metronome (MET) — “chainhops” as we call them — between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are now possible as of June 26, 2019, at 21:48 UTC. The first port took place soon after as of Ethereum blockheight #8036077 on 06.206.2019 at 21:50:45 UTC.

This is a milestone moment for Metronome, its team, and its community. In all due modesty, though, we also see it as a leap for cryptocurrency in general — the end of “chain permanence,” bolstering Metronome’s core design principle of self governance.

We’ve now entered the age of self-governance in cryptocurrencies. Metronome, with chainhops enabled, allows for MET owners to choose where they keep their cryptocurrency without tethering it to a single chain.

Read more of my thoughts on this momentous event on the Metronome blog.

Jeff Garzik is the chief designer of Metronome

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