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Consensus 2019: Testing the Midtown Hilton’s Innovation-Per-Square-Foot Threshold

Like a number of companies in our industry, the Bloq team is gearing up for Consensus 2019 in New York.

Here’s what we’ll be showing off at the New York Midtown Hilton (Clinton Room, second floor) during the show:

  • Titan — Cryptocurrency Mining Management at Scale: Titan automates and optimizes cryptocurrency mines of any size and makes sure they are always mining the most profitable coin. It will also feature a marketplace for buying/selling hashing power. With minimal promotion, it has already acquired more than 400 signups for its beta launch. (Read more from Titan CEO Ryan Condron, plus some research on what miners want.)
  • BloqCloud — Pay-as-you-go Blockchain Infrastructure: From managed cryptocurrency nodes to easy-to-use APIs, BloqCloud enables companies of any size to start developing blockchain applications quickly without the hassle of managing infrastructure. (Read more from Bloq CEO Jeff Garzik and Bloq COO Hadley Stern.)
  • Metronome — The First Cross-Blockchain Cryptocurrency: Metronome (MET) is the built-to-last cryptocurrency, given its ability to move across different blockchains. It recently completed successful tests moving from Ethereum to Ethereum Classic and back, as well as Ethereum to Qtum and back.
  • Eclipse — Making Crypto Assets Accessible & Pervasive: More than a decade into the cryptocurrency revolution, the main interfaces (e.g. “wallets”) still look scarcely different than a centuries-old bank’s mobile app. Thinking beyond wallets, interacting with digital assets can be so much more intuitive, useful, and even enjoyable. Eclipse explores these possibilities.

Additionally, we’ll be hosting the Chamber of Digital Commerce in our suite.

If you’re going to be at Consensus and you want to see what we’re up to, please fill out this form. We’ll do our best to give you a quick tour.

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