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First Anniversary, First Chainhop

First Anniversary Chainhop

After months of testing, auditing, building, and onboarding, the Metronome team is ready to enable cross-blockchain “chainhop” MET transfers between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic on June 26th.

Nearly one year from launching the initial Metronome contracts on Ethereum, the Metronome’s second “lily pad” will be launched on Ethereum Classic. MET owners can now choose where they can hold their MET, on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic – with additional chain support to follow.

With each new chain supported, the amount of MET auctioned daily on each will update to correspond to the amount of MET held on that chain, each sending a portion of their proceeds to their respective Autonomous Converter contracts each day.

This is just the beginning. Work on other chains continues and the community continues to identify other chains where they wish to see Metronome contracts deployed.

For more information, see my post on the Metronome blog.

Jeff Garzik is chief designer of Metronome

[Edit: 2019-06-24-2128ET — Minor edit for clarity.]

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