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NEW — Managed Avalanche Nodes Available Today from Bloq

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The Avalanche mainnet recently launched, and not a moment too soon. Scalability and choice in smart contract networks is a very current topic, particularly in the context of dramatic fee spikes on DeFi’s primary network, Ethereum, as DeFi exploded in late summer 2020. The ecosystem most certainly benefits from a new blockchain protocol that is not only high-performance and highly-scalable but is also compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. 

Available on the Bloq platform today, Bloq is proud to offer Avalanche managed node clusters (mainnet and testnet) as part of its Bloq Nodes service. You can go from zero-to-managed-node-cluster in minutes thanks to our QuickSync technology, even as the chain grows. 

“Bloq excels at delivering reliable infrastructure that underpins powerful decentralized applications. That expertise, combined with Avalanche’s ability to set new benchmarks for speed, throughput, and decentralization on blockchains, will help individual developers and enterprises build a new wave of products and services on Avalanche”

– Kevin Sekniqi, Co-founder and COO, Ava Labs

Bloq’s Avalanche node clusters support the Avalanche API, which enables users to interact with the various chains that make up the Avalanche network. This API supports users looking to automate their analytics operations or operate products and services in the Avalanche ecosystem.

“Avalanche’s mainnet introduction is well-timed, given the in-production stress tests that blockchain networks have experienced as developers, projects, and companies explore their promise at scale. Avalanche is a powerful and exciting new protocol that meets these challenges through Ethereum compatibility, high transaction throughput, and an architectural vision for very long-term scalability and security. We are proud to make Avalanche available to users of the Bloq platform for managed blockchain infrastructure services.”

– Jeff Garzik, Co-founder and CEO, Bloq

For more information on Bloq’s managed node services, check the developer documentation. Then, log in or create an account on the Bloq platform to get started!

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