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Metronome March Update

The Metronome team recently updated its community on recent milestones and next steps.

In summary:

Testnet MET transfers

The team successfully demonstrateda cross-blockchain MET transfer between Ethereum and Ethereum classic– and also successfully began testing similar capability between Ethereum and Qtum.

These tests show that the code is ready for deployment. However, the team did decide to update the deployment timeline to Q2 of 2019 in order to onboard additional validators (an ongoing process) for greater decentralization.

The team also identified a few shortlist contenders for target chains following the deployment of Qtum, Ethereum Classic, and RSK contracts: EOS and Cardano. Matthew Roszak, Bloq cofounder, chairman, and Metronome team member, discussed this in  a recent podcast with Anthony Pompliano.

Meetups and engagement opportunities

Bloq’s Jenna Pilgrim presented Metronometo a well-attended meetup group in Amsterdam, BitcoinWednesday. There, she met with one of the most active volunteer community leaders, with the apt pseudonym “Nakamoto,” and discussed Metronome’s unique contract structure.

The team is looking to schedule more AMAs and meetups soon. For more details, subscribe to Metronome’s various online channels, especially Medium, Twitter, and Telegram .

Dariusz R Jakubowski is Bloq’s head of community

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