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Metronome Update – February 2019

MET Update February 2019

Metronome, a cryptocurrency BloqLabs helped develop and launch, delivered its  February 2019 community updates, highlighting validator network documentation publication, engineer Manoj Patidar’s AMA, and desktop wallet updates.

Validator Document Published

When transferring MET tokens between different compatible blockchains, an off-chain and publicly-known entity will ensure the validity of exporting and importing MET tokens between chains. Validators are responsible for observing a blockchain for events, validating cross chain transactions, and voting on the validity of that event.

The Metronome team published the documentation outlining the three-phase approach for Metronome cross chain validation.

  • Phase 1: Uses a federated network of validators to deploy contracts and verify transactions.
  • Phase 2: Uses chain oracles to provide the necessary information for verifying cross-chain transactions and voting upon events on chains (such as forks and attacks).
  • Phase 3: Cross-chain validation provides the fully decentralized end state. The model mirrors that of the original Bitcoin blockchain — a full consensus protocol.

Community members are encouraged to collaborate on this document and provide feedback via GitHub issues.

Manoj Patidar AMA

Following the release of the Validator document, the Metronome team wanted to provide the community with the opportunity to ask one of the developers technical questions. Manoj Patidar was one of the developers building Metronome’s cross-chain capability, the validator document, and other parts of the Metronome ecosystem.

Most of the questions focused on the three-phase approach and the manner that future phases assign stake-weight voting during a fork or transaction discrepancy.

Manoj explained that each lily pad (set of Metronome contracts) will generate their own sort of blocks that validate the transaction going cross-chain. Later phases will incorporate weighted votes on what is or is not valid.

The full February update contains greater detail.

Mobile Wallet Update 

There were two larger updates to the desktop Metronome Wallet in February. Both versions 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 were released by the Metronome team. These updates included:

  • Password reset capability
  • Better backend node connectivity
  • Windows auto-update feature
  • General wallet optimization

Download the Metronome wallet for desktop or mobile to seamlessly interact with the Metronome Auction and Autonomous Converter Contract.

Dariusz Jakubowski is Bloq’s head of community

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