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Some Personal Predictions for 2019

At my core, I’m an optimist, and I’ve always been bullish on blockchain technology. As such, here are just a few of my predictions for 2019:

Tokenization will Continue

Where 2017 and 2018 were the years of ICOs, I believe that 2019 will be the year we start to see real assets become tokenized. I foresee slow and steady tokenization use within of real estate, exotic vehicles, and other previously non-fractional assets. One throttling factor for growth in this area will be the number of qualified custodians because many investors might not want to manage these tokens on personal wallets right away.

Sidechains and Layer-Two Scaling Solutions

Scaling blockchains is a problem that the wider community has focused on for years. I remain unconvinced that Lightning Network and Casper will be able to significantly help increase transactions-per-second and lower fees in 2019, but I do imagine that the number of nodes and payment channels will grow.

Battle of the “Killer E’s”

While I love Ethereum, I believe that we will see EOS become a more popular platform for dApps and crowdfunding in 2019. EOS’ platform doesn’t have the same limitations Ethereum does with gas, and EOS was lucky to have sold many tokens before the market became bearish. Thus they are positioned uniquely in the “distributed virtual machine” space in ways that Ethereum is not.


While I’m unsure which, I think a new stablecoin will become more popular than Tether. I also predict that we will see a large increase in the number of stablecoins and stabletokens issued in 2019.


Steve Beauregard is chief revenue officer for Bloq.

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