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Talking Tokenization of Cloud Services at AWS ReInvent

Bloq CEO and co-founder Jeff Garzik took the stage in a workshop session to discuss the vision for BloqCloud and outlined how tokenization can open up new possibilities for cloud computing. 

Among the points made during the talk:

  • “[Decentralization] is more like a dimmer, and less like an on-off light switch. [It] is going to be slow and stepped, and each one of these steps gets us closer and closer to that goal, but it’s a long journey.”
  • “We can foresee that ultimately the tokenization of cloud computing resources delivers a new economics-fueled API frontier that can serve both conventional and distributed autonomous organizations with equal ease. Tokenization unlocks the real value of cloud services, and allows developers and business to participate in and accelerate the Web 3.0 world of blockchain based networks.” 
  • On composability and financialization: “As cloud computing becomes more composable and easily swapped, an application can more intelligently switch between various services based on its requirements…if there is a free flowing market for cloud resources, then we actually introduce an element of competition.”

Watch the full talk on YouTube.




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