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The Builders Are Alright

Phil Gomes Quote

Over at CommPro, our own comms pro Phil Gomes responded to the inquiry “Are cryptocurrencies out of the woods yet?”

Believing that the question perhaps held the wrong focus (“What woods?”), the answer began with:

I lead communications for a company founded by one of Bitcoin’s earliest code contributors and one of the cryptocurrency category’s earliest investors and high-profile evangelists. Our team comprises dozens of talented people who, though united in their passion for a peer-to-peer, distributed computing future, still manage to hold a diverse set of opinions and viewpoints.

So, of course, this means there is a lot that we discuss on our Slack. This includes the latest news, technical advancements, our various projects, new project ideas, the state of enterprise blockchain adoption, and (it absolutely cannot be helped) even some of the outsized personalities in our industry.

But there’s one topic that never comes up: The price of cryptocurrencies.

Read the rest at CommPro. Come for the references to 18th-century literature, stay for the nod to one of our recent century’s most irascible — though, sadly, not immortal — voices.

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