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V-Systems Taps Bloq for VSYS Supernode


Bloq has teamed up with V Systems to spin up a supernode on the VSYS network so users can now stake and earn passive rewards.

What are VSYS Supernodes?

The new Bloq supernode gives users the option to “lease” VSYS tokens to get a proportionate share of the supernode’s minting rewards. On the VSYS blockchain, 15 supernodes are responsible for validating transactions and propagating blocks on the network. Supernodes receive VSYS tokens in the form of block rewards for their services.

The supernode approach helps to improve reliability of the network in a high-performance setting. While non-supernode token holders have smaller stakes — and therefore do not possess the token stake required to qualify for supernode status — they can lease their tokens to existing supernodes. There is no lockup for leasing tokens and the process is non-custodial, that is, users maintain their private keys and can exit the lease after any period of time. More details on the VSYS Medium.

Why Stake with Bloq?

Since VSYS Supernodes are non-custodial, user funds are secure regardless of the supernode chosen. However, reliability of the supernode does factor into APY for token leasers and node operators. When nodes are offline, they don’t earn any tokens.

Bloq maintains a robust network of blockchain nodes — blockchain infrastructure is our core competency. As such, stakers can expect our supernode to be actively maintained. All that you need to do is stake.

Learn more in our how-to article on how to stake using the Bloq VSYS supernode.

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