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World Building within Web3 

World Building within Web3

Web3 moves at hyperspeed. The world of video-game development — particularly premium, triple-A experiences — requires careful planning that manages the collisions between art and technology. 

CEO Kevin Beauregard and team founded Atmos Labs with the vision for how high-stakes, competitive leagues would take shape off-world. But there’s more to it than developing fast-paced game-play. 

Here are the ways that the Atmos team is slowly letting its audience into their vision of sports, lightyears away and half-a-millennia from now, starting with the Exordium comic series. 

Immerse the Audience

The Atmos team has worked hard to make the Exordium comic beautiful to look at and fun to read, on the way to an experience people will be able to play. Led by master storyteller Tommy Lee Edwards, Exordium writing and artwork are standalone enough to grab fans of comics and esports.

Atmos: Exordium Chapter 02 Comic Panel Detail

Chapter 1, the team admits, whetted appetites through chaos — it dropped you into the story and demanded that you meet it halfway, what with its daring escapes, cryptic encouragements (“Still the mind; make savage the body”), and accidental race participation. 

Chapter 2 fleshed out characters, allies, rivals and alliances, lining up foreshadowing and plot lines.

Atmos: Exordium Chapter 03 Comic Panel Detail

Chapter 3, then, zooms out from the characters to focus on the Atmosian society itself, against a backdrop of bread-and-circus entertainment. 

This third installment of Exordium means the Atmos property officially solidifies – it does what good serialized stories do, answers questions and piques still more. (After all, there are another six chapters in this series alone on the way toward a nine-volume arc.) 

Bootstrap the Rivalry

Where town affiliations, generational rivalries, and cultural identities have bootstrapped physical-world sport fandom, brand-new sports and leagues lack the benefits of that kind of entrenched affinity. 

So Atmos has not only started teasing these rivalries in the Exordium comic book series, but is also bootstrapping the in-world rivalries online. 

Atmos: ExoGP Team Rivalry Preview

The Atmos universe comprises 16 teams across Division 1 and Division 2 leagues, each with their own backstories, slogans, and star players. (There are at least that many more teams still in development.) Some community members have even started writing team songs. Here’s a sample in honor of Team:Chosen, which figures heavily in the comic book:

We’re The Chosen, we live to race

The thrill of flying, keeps us in place

Underdogs we may be, but we never back down

We take chances under pressure, we wear our crowns

Take a look at some of the teams, with logos and lore already developed.

Atmos: ExoGP teams, in-world brands, and Atmos product logos

And, Yes, NFTs

Atmos has not only engaged its fans through NFTs, but has brought on traditional distribution methods such as Amazon Kindle. In other words, fans both crypto-native and conventional have multiple onramps to engage the Atmos universe early on. 

And while minters-as-flippers are a permanent part of any NFT involved effort, Atmos (though the Exordium comic and digital assets) is transcending digital-pet-rock infamy and moving into avid collectible territory. 

The NFTs began with an Atmosian data card — a brochure-slash-mintpass for the Exo flying suits Atmosians race with — as well as helmets that reflect the first eight teams. The first two chapters were also available as NFTs, featuring rare covers and dozens of unique traits. 

This third chapter brings the project further together, soon adding hard-copy to the distribution levers.

Atmos ExoGP gameplay preview

To Boldly Go…

Future plans are still a closely guarded secret, but hints include the team’s commitment to incentivize early adopters and holders through loyalty programs for HODL’ers and various exclusive combinations. 

Taken together, Atmos Labs approach is a focused appeal to every inch of what makes a Web3-aware experience exciting. Begin with the art, hone stories and visuals, wink to degens, build with a growing community, and create the fertile ground for passionate fandoms.

The race is on.   

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